TED Speaker        Gender-Nonbinary Activist        Author @ Penguin Random House        Commentator

Jeffrey Marsh has over 350 million views on social media and is the first nonbinary author with a Big 5 publisher, Penguin Random House. Jeffrey created the best-selling self-esteem classic How To Be You, which topped O Magazine's Gratitude Meter and was named an Excellent Book of 2017 by TED-Ed. How to Be You revolutionized publishing categorization as the first book to seamlessly combine three genres: memoir, workbook, and spiritual self-help. Jeffrey is a precepted facilitator in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism.

Jeffrey is the world's foremost commentator on non-binary activism in America, and reports on LGBTQ issues for Dutch National News channel RTL-TV, NewsmaxTV and the BBC. Jeffrey is a Cultural Consultant in Non-Binary Affairs for New York University, the office of Chirlaine McCray (New York City's First Lady), GLAAD, MTV, Condé Nast's 'Them' and Teen Vogue. As an author, Jeffrey was the first prominent public figure to advocate the use of they/them pronouns for gender non-conforming people. Jeffrey also upended decades of fashion tradition as the first non-binary model to be a bride, in Cotton Bride's gown lookbook of 2016.

Jeffrey maintains a robust social media following with over 350 million views and a positive inclusive message. Jeffrey was named Viner of the Year by CBS and was the first to be awarded the title "Transgender Superheroine" by Digg.


"Life is a journey Marsh has lived and learned, and one they hope to pass to others."
NBC News

"Their message is simple: Be yourself. Be happy with yourself. Be more comfortable with your differences — and embrace and enjoy them."

"...total trendsetter"