The message is inclusive. The activism is iconic. Jeffrey's down-to-earth videos have amassed over 350 million views on social media, and their talks spark inspiration and powerful dialogue about identity and activism.


Speech Topics

We Were Never Taught to Love
Based on โ€œHow To Be You,โ€ Jeffrey tells deeply personal stories of being rejected at home and school. The result? An intense conviction that the only gateway to understand how to love in general is to learn love for yourself. Jeffrey tells dynamic stories of daily messages from people who are suicidal and yet have decided to live because of Jeffrey's work. This talk pulls apart the intensity of self-hate and gives practical everyday tips for leading a loving life.

Genderqeueer? Demisexual? You don't need a label.
Beyond the feel-good but sometimes vacuous cry of "be yourself!" the ways we use labels can have unforeseen consequences. Often, Jeffrey's social followers expect their "right label" to cure them and be a total panacea. It doesn't work that way. Through research and personal stories, Jeffrey presents the ways labels and categories do more harm than good, and how labels that seem empowering can ultimately divide and conquer us.

Life Is More Than He or She
As the most prominent nonbinary social star to date, Jeffrey discusses coming to terms with that identity. This talk begins with brief historical contexts for nonbinary identities including the Two-Spirit Native culture. Through actual online messages they've received, Jeffrey then begins filling in some of the common gaps of knowledge about what it means to identify as trans or genderqueer. Jeffrey's personal stories become global bridges built toward everyone's wish to live beyond what society expects from them. 

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Jeffrey wrote the book on How To Be You!

Jeffrey has spoken to schools, universities and trade organizations throughout the world. Full day workshops and short talks are available on a wide range of topics, including self-acceptance, LGBTQ issues, social media coaching and more. Rates are reasonable for schools and non-profits. As an author with Penguin Random House, Jeffrey is represented by Keppler Speakers.

- Jeffrey Marsh has created an inspiring guide to help us all discover and honor our "best selves." Through a combination of beautiful personal stories and interactive activities, infused with inimitable style and thoughtful insights, Jeffrey encourages us all to "just be, and live our lives with dignity.โ€ -
- -Daryl Roth, Tony award winning theatre  producer (Kinky Boots, The Normal Heart)

- [Jeffrey's message is] for anyone who feels out of place. Jeffrey will help you trust that your feelings are legitimate, and the life you want is just around the corner. Find peace with yourself, and let jeffrey teach you how.
- - Sarah Lohman, author Eight Flavors and Four Pounds Flour

- The luminous Jeffrey Marsh gifts us all. Expanding from their sparks of online affirmations into an enlightening how-to for self-discovery and delight, Jeffrey [has guided] us through the creative, ever-evolving process of understanding and accepting ourselves. Ultimately, they remind us the best person we can become is our self.
- -Amy Deneson, Writer, Activist, GLSEN