13: When People Don't Understand You

Episode 13: Justin Glover (@thejustinglover) is here! Justin is Jeffrey's friend and they discuss the delicate issue of how our friends and family and co-workers might just be wrong. We can love someone and know they are wrong. At the end of the day, not everyone needs to agree. ALSO!! Danny Coeyman (IG: @dannycoeyman) is the new sidekick! Danny joins the team and Danny and Jeffrey make podcast magic together.

11: Just Say How You Feel

Jeffrey talks to NYC's hottest stage manager, Miss Katie Kennedy (woo!) about feeling all kinds of ways and opening up to friends about how we feel. "How are you?" / "oh, fine" is only the start of all the possible ways we could feel and talk about how we feel. What would happen if you really shared what was happening with you? How would you feel if you told people the truth about your feelings? Jeffrey and Katie discuss the ins and outs of outing feelings.

Episode 1: You Must Come Out (Part 1)

In the premiere episode of Coming Out with Jeffrey Marsh, vine superstar and LGBTQ activist Jeffrey Marsh discusses why you absolutely MUST come out. Listen as Jeffrey explains why coming out is not just for the gays and how important it is to lift that weight off your shoulders. Later in the episode, Jeffrey takes your calls and interviews his good friend, Sutton Crawford, of the new ABC Family hit show Becoming Us.

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